Ken Knight is a consulting designer based in Healdsburg, California.

With decades of fashion merchandising experience, Knight has held executive positions for NeimanMarcus, Bloomingdale'sWilliamsSonoma, and The Horchow Collection, as well as the CEO position for his own entrepreneurial wholesale and retail companies, including

WHSL for The Museum of Modern Art / New York, Under Arrest / Arresta / Dallas, Spirit of Dallas, Ken Knight Dallas, and Ken Knight Cloverdale. 


In this online record of former retail environments--the first launched in 1977--find a snapshot of his multi-line merchandising projects. 


Ken Knight also has an editorial background and has served as Contributing Editor for DHome, the premier home and design magazine for Dallas, and has written about retail venues for TexasMonthly Shopping.


(415) 754-5628

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