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Image of Ken Knight.

 Ken Knight is a creative design consultant  based in Healdsburg, California.  He serves a private clientele who depend upon his services to execute a visually appealing and comfortable wine country experience through planning and logistical management.

With decades of fashion merchandising experience, Knight has held executive positions for NeimanMarcus, Bloomingdale's, Williams Sonoma, and The Horchow Collection, as well as head of his own entrepreneurial wholesale and retail companies, including founding
WHSL, a wholesale firm representing The Museum of Modern Art / New York retail product collection, his first retail store Under Arrest, later named Arresta, the retail store Spirit of Dallas, and his eponymous retail store Ken Knight, presented in Texas and California.
Concurrently, he served in an editorial capacity as Contributing Editor for DHome, the preeminent home design publication based in Dallas, and has written about retail venues, travel and shopping  for Texas Monthly.  


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